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Fiber Blanket

Selling cheap fiber blanket

There are many types of insulation materials, one of which is fiber blanket. Fiber blanket is a blanket that is used as a heat sink. This product has the characteristics of flexible, strong and lightweight. Fiber blankets are designed from Isotek ceramic fiber spun, which are sewn mechanically to increase the strength and integrity of the surface. This product is also often called a fire blanket and can be used to protect objects from fire. Ceramic fiber blanket does not contain organic or inorganic binding compounds and is environmentally friendly so it does not emit strong odors.

The price of fiber blankets varies depending on the model and size. Its non-flammable nature makes it a solution as a heat sink as well as an insulator that is able to increase the soundproof. This product is suitable for dry structure steel wrappers and combined construction for fire protection.
We sell quality fiber blanket with the most complete selection and the lowest price.
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