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Selling cheap glasswool

The use of glass wool is common in Indonesia. This type of insulation material is widely applied as a heat and sound damper. Glasswool is designed from fibers that go through a certain process so that it is textured like wool, so it can reduce heat and sound very well. This product has a thickness of around 25mm - 50 mm with a density of 25 g / cm3 - 75 g / cm3. Its ability to absorb heat well, this product is widely relied upon in various fields, both automotive, machinery, factories, warehouses and even commercial buildings. We sell quality glass wool with the most complete selection and the lowest price.

Glasswool prices vary depending on size and thickness. This product is in great demand because the price is cheaper when compared to rockwool. The price of glasswool roof is quite affordable, so it is widely used for modern building construction as a material that is able to absorb the sun's heat.
We also provide various other insulation material needs such as rock wool and fiber blankets.
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