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 Gasket is a friction material that is used as a bulkhead between two mechanical connections that can be separated. The main function of the gasket is to prevent leakage within a certain period. Sheet gasket packing is widely used for various industrial applications. Manufactured from high density material, the gasket is able to isolate oil and oil from the engine block.

Types of gaskets

 - Ruber Gasket
 - Viton Gasket
 - Grapite Gasket
 - PTFE gaskets
 - EPDM gasket

The price of sheet gaskets varies depending on the type and size. This product must be able to avoid leakage in its use, is resistant to protected parts and can withstand very high pressures and operating temperatures.
Discover the various gasket packing needs only to us for the most complete product at the lowest price.
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