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Selling rockwool at cheap prices

Rockwool is one type of insulation material used to reduce heat and sound. Rockwool material is produced from lightweight mineral fibers made from rock-based materials. The use of rockwool is common in Indonesia. This product provides insulation for residential or commercial buildings from the sun's heat. Rockwool can also be applied to protect pipes, ships, houses, cars and others.

Rockwool excellence

 - Suitable for various industrial needs
 - Has low thermal conductivity
 - Can be used at temperatures of 100 ° C to 820 ° C
 - Non-flammable
 - Soundproof
 - Not rusty / moldy

The price of rockwool is quite cheap making it a solution as a heat and sound-reducing material, both for small and large scale. Rockwool is also easy in installation or installation. This product is lightweight and elastic so that it can be formed according to needs. Rockwool is also widely applied to insulate pipes from hot temperatures, so the liquid inside has a stable temperature.
We also provide various other insulation material needs according to your needs.
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